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V'Shna integrated drip tip (The Shorty)

V'Shna integrated drip tip (The Shorty)



Compiling the minds of two modders in the industry, they have created an integrated drip tip set that reinvents the wheel for those who look for elevated flavor delivery.

Presented by Cherrypine Mods X RUSKY the V'Shna Tip!

The V'Shna tip is made out of Titanium and delrin.

The threading is to match any and all machined threads within the boro aio surplus selection.

There are two versions of the V'shna

The Shorty -

Bringing the RTA feeling to the boro game.

With a 6mm Bore, shorter than most of your integrated tips and providing that "slam cap" flavor.

The Connoisseur -

This Tip comes with 3! Delrin inserts, that are 510 outer diameter, the base is Titanium with a 6mm bore to match the following inserts.

The Longer insert is 1.5mm bore to allow you heat dissipation and outmost condensed mouth to lung flavor.

The Shorter insert is 3mm bore to achieve the most comfortable tip and restricted direct lung delivery.

*NEW*The shortest insert is 6mm bore to give you the true feel of DL paired up with your favorite rba. Imagine the flavor of the shorty but in XL

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