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DESCE Pouches

DESCE Pouches



Made with the highest-quality *TRUE* Stretch Neoprene material with a high level of shock protection, durability, and a drawstring closure to keep everything secure.

**REAL Stretch Neoprene, such as the one we use at Desce, is not only extraordinarily rare, hard to find, and expensive but also very, very often faked. We worked endlessly until we curated the 100% REAL DEAL MATERIAL to supply you with the highest quality and most durable pouches ever made in the industry!

This took MUCH effort, time, and testing and we are extraordinarily proud of the quality of our new, Top-Shelf Desce Pouches**


Standard Pouch: The largest pouch available. Can fit the lion's share of mods on the scene. Highly suggested for the Billet Box and Box Mods of larger size.

Mechanical Tube Sleeve: Designed for Mechanical Tubes.

Mini Pouch: The smallest of the bunch. Designed for RBAs, BOROs, RTAs, RDAs, etc.

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